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Hyosung Force

The Hyosung Force ATM is a highly advanced and innovative automated teller machine designed to cater to modern banking requirements. With its cutting-edge technology, the Force ATM offers a wide range of features such as touch-screen displays, and high-speed transaction processing. Its sleek and stylish design makes it an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly option. Additionally, the Force ATM is built with robust security features to protect customers' personal and financial information. For banks and financial institutions looking to streamline their operations and provide an enhanced customer experience, the Hyosung Force ATM is an excellent choice.

  • EMV Card Reader 

  • PCI 3.0 compliant 

  • Electronic Lock 

  • Compatible with any NH CDU

  • 10.2" Color TFT LCD Screen

  • Infrared Touch Function Keys

  • Win CE Operating System

  • TCP/IP with SSL

  • 24 Month Warranty

  • Safe light


The FORCE has an optional camera that photographs the user during transaction and stores it with the associated transaction record. It can also display the camera view on the transaction screen to make the user aware of being filmed. The Force has an additional camera mount that is provided to allow installation of a third-party camera.


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