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Expert ATM Repairs and Technician Services in New England and the Northeast USA

ATM Repair Technicians
ATM Repair technicians

Let's face it, as a small business owner, you have too much to do, ensuring your ATM machines are in top-notch condition is crucial for customer satisfaction and your bottom line. Let New England ATM take this weight off your shoudlers. When it comes to ATM repairs, technician services, upgrades, and installations in New England and the Northeast USA, has your back. Our team of dedicated and Hyosung Certified ATM technicians is here to provide comprehensive 360 degree support for your ATM needs.

ATM Technician Expertise

Our highly skilled ATM technicians are the backbone of our service at New England ATM. We understand that your ATM machines need to be operational around the clock, and any downtime can affect your business. That's why we have a team of technicians who are experts in the field, with extensive experience in repairing, maintaining, and upgrading various ATM models. Some of the Services we support:

  • Rebuilding Cash Dispensers Units

  • Full software upgrades and reloads

  • Master Key Management

  • Printer Head swaps

  • ATM Screen repairs

  • Pin Pad (EPP) reprogramming and repairs.

  • And much more.....

Hyosung Certified ATM Technicians

Our Team of reapir techs have all been certified by Hyosung Innovue directly. We take pride in our certification as Hyosung Certified ATM technicians. Hyosung Innovue is a leading brand in the ATM industry, known for its cutting-edge technology and innovation. New England techs also have extensive knowledge in Genmega G2500, Genmega Onyx and Triton brand ATMs

ATM Repairs You Can Rely On

ATM downtime can be a headache for your business, thats why all of repairs are back by a 6 month warranty, the longest in the industry. With our prompt and reliable ATM repair services, you can reduce disruptions and keep your customers happy. Our technicians are equipped to handle a wide range of field issues, from simple glitches to complex problems. We understand the urgency of ATM repairs and make it our priority to get your machine up and running as quickly as possible. 90% of needed repairs can be handled on the fist visit.

ATM Upgrades for Enhanced Performance

As technology evolves, so should your ATM machines. At New England ATM, we offer ATM upgrade services to keep your machines competitive and secure. Upgrading your ATM can provide benefits such as enhanced security, improved user experience, and compliance with the latest industry standards. Our team can consult you through the process, ensuring that your ATM investment continues to yield the strongest returns.

As a most recent example is CDU binding. CDU Binding locks down the Cash dispensing unit in the event of a jackpotting attempt. Both Genmega and Hyosung introduced this new feature recently to their ATM machines, making it harder for criminals to drain cash from your ATM. Out techs can assist in securing your Cash Units.

Seamless ATM Installations

Our team has installed tens of thousands of ATMs in the last 14 years. We've come across just about every installation scenario, from 3rd floor installs with no elevator, floors with a double carpet, to 100 year old wood floors. We've done it all, New England ATM is a true expert in the ATM field.

If you're looking to add a new ATM to your business or replace an old one, our technicians are skilled in ATM installations. We'll take care of everything from site preparation to configuring the ATM to meet your specific needs. Our goal is to make the installation process as smooth as possible, allowing you to start serving your customers quickly and efficiently.


When it comes to ATM repairs, technician services, upgrades, and installations in New England and the Northeast USA, is your trusted partner. Our team of dedicated and Hyosung Certified ATM technicians is committed to keeping your ATM machines in prime condition, ensuring that your customers have access to convenient and reliable cash services. Don't let ATM issues disrupt your business—contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with all your ATM needs.


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