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Affordable Connecticut ATM Services for Small Businesses

New England ATM Serving the ATM needs of Connecticut Small Businesses

Connecticut ATM Services for small business
Connecticut ATM Provider: New England ATM

New England ATM is the leader in providing ATM services throughout the State of Connecticut. Our services include sales of New and Used ATM, ATM repair services, Free ATM placements, ATM processing and providing vault cash.  If you are in the State of Connecticut including in and around Hartford, New Haven, Bridgeport, Mystic or Stamford ​looking for full ATM services, New England ATM is your one stop shop. 

Small businesses have a lot to worry about. Your ATM machine service should not be one of them. With all of the expenses and work that goes into running a small business, it's important to save money and time where you can. One way to do that is to take advantage of our affordable Connecticut ATM services.

For businesses across the region, reliable and efficient Automated Teller Services are pivotal to operational success. Enter New England ATM, the premier provider in CT, offering a full suite of solutions designed to meet the needs of your business. With NEATM, you gain access to comprehensive full service ATM products in the area, backed by a team of dedicated professionals with 15 years of experience. Some of out clients in the Nutmeg State include, The XL Center, the Connecticut State Lottery, the Xfinity Theater, the US Air Force and Family Dollar.

We provide ATMs to the following types of businesses:

  • Convenience Stores

  • Gas Stations

  • Hotels

  • Bars

  • Cannabis Dispensaries

  • Concert Venues

  • Laundromats

  • Nail Salons

  • Barber Shops

  • Office Buildings

  • BINGO Halls

  • Events

  • Fraternal Clubs

  • Tattoo Shops

  • Smoke Shops

........ And More

Whether you're in the market for a new machine, curious about the perks of a free machine placement, or simply assessing the profitability of having an ATM on-site, we are your partner in navigating the world of automated teller machines. We are one of the most trusted provider of ATM Services in the region makes transactions seamless for every kind of venture. From busy urban centers to intimate rural locations, let us be the cornerstone of your company's growing financial infrastructure.

Understanding the Benefits of CT ATM Services

​New England ATM is a full service ATM provider.  Some of the ATM Services we perform throughout Connecticut include:

If you're a business owner in the State, then you know how important it is to have a dependable service. Not only do you need a reliable way to get cash for your customers, but you also need a company behind you keeping your ATM up and running. Fortunately, WE ARE LOCAL and ready to service your company. 

Many ATM companies you find on the internet are in California, Kansas, New York or New Jersey.  We are headquartered and live in the immediate area.   We’ve been in business for 14 years serving customers through the region.

One of the most important benefits of using our CT based ATM service is that it can help you save money. ATM machines are expensive to buy and maintain, so having a service provider that can provide you with machines at a discount can be a huge benefit. Additionally, many CT ATM services offer free placement of machines in high-traffic areas. This means that you won't have to worry about spending money on marketing or advertising to bring people to your machine.

Another great benefit of using a CT ATM service is that it can help you increase customer satisfaction. When your customers have easy access to cash, they're more likely to be happy with your business. Additionally, having an ATM on site can also help you attract new customers. People are always looking for businesses that offer convenient services, and an ATM is definitely something that will make your business more appealing.

As you can see, there are many benefits to using a CT based ATM service provider. If you're looking for a way to save money, increase customer satisfaction, and offer quick qualified services, then using New England ATM   is definitely something you should consider.

We call it the “New England ATM Advantage”. How we set ourselves apart from other providers.

​We offer wholesale ATM products accompanied by exceptional customer service. Our extensive range includes ATMs for sale and ATM processing services across all 50 states. As an authorized distributor, we also specialize in used ATM machines and provide comprehensive technical support for every model.

ATM machines are one of the most convenient ways to get cash, but they can also be a source of frustration if they’re not working properly. If you’re a business owner, you know that having a dependable machine is essential to keeping your customers happy. Here are a few ways that ATM machines can enhance customer experience:

1. Best Pricing

We offer new ATMs starting at $2175 - INSTALLED.  We guarantee that when you are ready to purchase an ATM, we will be the lowest cost.  We will meet or beat any other written offer.

2. Best local Service

We have local sales and service people no farther than 1 hour from any point in Connecticut.  We are based in the area, know the area and understand the Northeast better than any other company. ATMs you buy from us come with a 3 year warranty* that is unheard of in the market.  No other providers offer that.

3. Fast Service

We stock machines in our warehouse just outside of Springfield MA, in many cases we can get you an ATM the same or next day.   

4. Quality Team

All of our team members are certified by Hyosung and Genmega and consistently being updated on new industry standards, security protocols and software releases.

If you’re looking for ways to enhance customer experience, teller machines are a great option. By offering 24/7 availability, easy-to-use machines, fast service, and competitive fees, you can keep your customers happy and coming back for more.

A deeper look at services we provide in the Hartford, New Haven, Stamford, and Bridgeport areas

FREE ATM placements throughout the Region.

If your business is in Hartford, Bridgeport, New Haven, Stamford or Mystic we offer the strongest Free ATM placements around. We bring you an ATM, load the cash, handle all the maintenance, provide the communications and we provide you a piece of the income! All at no cost! We will place an ATM machine in your business in any of the following counties in CT: Tolland County,Fairfield County,Windham County, Hartford County,Litchfield County,,New London County, Middlesex County,New Haven County.


If you're a business in Connecticut, we are ready to sell you a new or used ATM machine.  We have a great selection of Hyosung Halo 2, both new and used.  Genmega G2500 and a wide range of used machines ready to deliver the next day.  New ATMs start at $2175 delivered and installed! Our service and speed can not be beat. 


Looking for an ATM for your event?  We have experience in providing ATM services concerts, fairs, carnivals, cannabis events and much more. We offer a range of services including mobile ATM trailer, portable ATM and ATM rentals for your next event.  Call us at (877)424-2355 and we can get you on our schedule.

Processing drives the connection for the ATM and connects your ATM to the banking network.  We are certified by all the major ATM Networks and have access to every major ATM processing platform available.  We can team you up with the right processing services and tailor it to your specific needs.  This is very unique to us.  Most of our competitors will pigeon hole you into a platform because they only have one relationship. We are well connected to all the ATM platforms available.

Your processing services will come with a web portal to see real-time transactions, run deposit and transaction reports.  We will also provide you real time push notifications via the mobile app to alert you when there is an issue.

If you are already in the ATM business and looking to switch processors, New England ATM can offer you the best rates and service available.


Looking for a side hustle or adding to your current business portfolio?  Don’t overlook the ATM Business. We have a full “Getting started in the ATM business” program.  We can get you an ATM and train you how to use it and set you up with Processing.  We are ready to support you and your new venture anyway we can. 

We pride ourselves for our ATM technical services.  We don’t only have the best technicians in the region, but the Country.  Our technical team supports other ATM businesses throughout the Country, often being called upon to troubleshoot and solve the most difficult ATM problems. New England ATM’s team are ready to support your ATM. 

Legalization of Cannabis brings the business of marijuana amazing opportunities, but also opens challenges of payments.  Cannabis is still illegal on a Federal level, that restricts access to mainstream credit card payments.  Visa and Mastercard has expressly forbidden the acceptance of the card to purchase marijuana. The cash standard is the safest most efficient way to accept payment for Cannabis

We are Dispensary/Cannabis expert. We provide ATMs for over 50 dispensaries in Northeast.  We understand the challenges and the uniqueness of dispensaries.  We are ready to serve dispensary. 

Overall, ATM machines can be a helpful way to get cash when you need it. However, it's important to understand the fees associated with them and how they can impact your cash flow. By being aware of the fees and taking steps to avoid them, you can minimize the impact on your finances.

Partnering with NEATM: A Commitment to Excellence

Choosing to partner with us, an established ATM provider in CT, means opting for exceptional service and unwavering commitment. This partnership is a testament to excellence, reflected in satisfying long-term collaborations, such as the one upheld with Ralph's Diner in Worcester, MA. For over a decade, the mutual efforts have yielded a seamless ATM service, earning high praise and solidifying us as the leading choice for businesses requiring reliable cash access solutions.

Moreover, we champions entrepreneurial growth in the ATM sector, providing exhaustive support and training for new business owners. This guidance proves invaluable for those venturing into the prosperous world of ATM services, especially those eyeing ATMs for sale in CT. With a footprint that spans across 27 states and connections extending to all 50, New England ATM has become a linchpin for ATM services nationwide. Regardless of your business's specific ATM space needs or the desire to obtain the most competitive market offerings, this company proudly stands as your dedicated partner, ensuring customer service excellence and consistent satisfaction.


What services do you offer in CT?

We provide full service ATM products in Connecticut, offering every service from purchase, free placement, installation, maintenance, and cash loading to support a wide array of businesses.

Can businesses in trust NEATM as their provider?

Absolutely! As a premier ATM provider in CT, We are known for its commitment to excellence, providing tailored ATM solutions backed by unparalleled customer service. We’ve been in business for 15 years serving 

Are your services limited to Connecticut?

No, New England ATM delivers ATM services in New England at large, with an expansive network including ATM machines in Connecticut and an eminent presence as a New England ATM company.

What types of installation services are available?

We specializes in comprehensive ATM installation services, ranging from advising businesses on ideal placement to overseeing the entire installation process, ensuring full functionality and security for each machine.

Can dispensaries in Connecticut acquire ATMs?

Yes, we have a tailored program for dispensaries, ensuring that they comply with necessary legal guidelines, making them a go-to solution for dispensaries looking to provide cash access to their customers.

ATM Dispensary in Connecticut
Connecticut Dispensary ATM

Is it possible to purchase an ATM machine?

Absolutely. Businesses and individuals looking for ATM for sale in CT will find a selection of machines from industry-leading manufacturers, such as Hyosung and Genmega. All complete with the guidance and support New England ATM is known for.

What makes partnering with you team unique?

Partnering with New England ATM means engaging with a company dedicated to delivering top-notch services. Their commitment to excellence is visible through their customer testimonials and their full support for your ATM business venture.

Can you help me with starting an ATM business?

Certainly! Have been in the ATM business for 15 years and not only provides ATMs for sale in CT but also provides comprehensive guidance and training for entrepreneurs aiming to start and scale an ATM business, making them an outstanding ATM provider.  We’ve help close to 100 entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.


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