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How to Get an ATM Machine: Answering Your Pressing Questions.

What are the different programs available for obtaining an ATM?

There are three different programs available for obtaining an ATM: Get A Free ATM, ATM Partnership, and ATM Purchase. You have the freedom to choose what program you are comfortable with.

ATM programs
ATM Programs

What is the process for the ATM Purchase program?

The ATM Purchase program allows the location owner to make up to 100% of the surcharge revenue. In this program, the owner needs to buy the ATM machine, supply the cash, and handle all maintenance. Typically, new ATMs are preferred for nicer and busier locations, while some Tier 3 locations may opt for lower-cost used ATMs.

How does the ATM Partnership program work?

The ATM Partnership program is suitable for locations that want to earn more money without buying an ATM machine. The ATM industry usually calls this the 50/50 program. The location owner only needs to provide a space for the ATM and keep it loaded with cash. New England ATM will buy and manage the machine, and the surcharge revenue will be split between the operator and the location owner. There is generally no upfront cost involved, except for the cash required to load the machine.

What is involved in the Get A Free ATM program?

The Get A Free ATM program allows an independent ATM operator to provide an ATM machine for a location. The operator will manage cash loading and maintenance, while the location owner will receive a percentage of the profits. This program does not require any financial commitment.


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